Capture your performance with professional-grade equipment and proper recording techniques.


Take your captured audio and let us put your track together professionally, achieving the sound you envision.


Finalize & polish your mixes, make them competitively loud, and get them ready for distribution for all platforms.


Edit the track's vocal and instrumental performances to achieve professional and polished results.








“Where to begin with this man? Brandon is awesome to work with and has so many skills and tools to not only allow your music reach its highest potential but your own personal skills to improve. He is incredibly knowledgable in many different kinds of music. Highly recommend to anyone at any level of music to record with Brandon. Studio 222 is awesome!!!”​

Dan C. // Dan Cameron

“Brandon’s love for music gives him the drive and ability to produce, mix, and master any song to its highest quality. By his immense knowledge of all the genres, he is able to assist artists on every front of the creation process of a song or album. Brandon has always helped me with the production process of my music from sharing knowledge on recording and mixing, to even taking a proactive position in cowriting some songs with me. Studio 222 offers a comfortable and calm atmosphere where an artist is encouraged to share his/her thoughts on any process that goes into the creation of music. Brandon is not only open to hear the opinions of artists, he welcomes and encourages it. It has always been a true pleasure writing and recording with Brandon and I recommend him and his studio to any and every artist looking to take their sound to the next level.”​

David T. // David Turel

“Brandon, the mix engineer, always knows how to glue a song together! Super good guy to work with and such a clean studio. Highly recommend!”​

Nate S. // Nate Smith


“This dude is amazing. been working with him for awhile now and he helped me find my sound with my music and always has my music with a nice clean sound. dudes really like a magician with music. Glad to have worked with him and plan on continue making music with this guy.”​

Michael M. // M. Verse

“I've been working with this studio for quite some time now. Very professional and excellent quality with every product.”

“Brandon is the nicest and most professional guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely patient with you and your craft and diligently works to get you the sound you want. You can come to him with any genre of music and he will accommodate.”

Brandon McLeod is a great audio engineer and a great friend !! He displays the highest self-efficacy that I have EVER SEEN out of ANYYY musician that I've gotten the chance to work with after all of these years !! Thank you my friend !! Keep it up ... and keep it real !!”​

"Brandon did my most recent EP, and he was very efficient and worked in a timely manner. Great dude. Good price."

Adrian K. // Galaxy X

Tray B. // Trawick II

Antonio B. // Lostxboy

Kris W. // Downright Kris

"This is an incredible studio! If you’re looking for a professional experience, great atmosphere and a quality recording session, this is the place to go! Brandon has done an excellent job of making this studio an exceptional place for artists looking to perfect and create a product that will have them well pleased!"

Keith F. // Kentrell

“Studio 222 is amazing. Brandon is one of the most talented engineers / producers I’ve ever met. Working with Brandon is always a breeze, recording here is free flowing and having a producer that can make beats from scratch is EVERYTHING. I’ll be working here for the foreseeable future. Thank you Brandon!”​

Michael G. // Persia Grai

“I had a great experience here! The audio engineer was very patient and easy to work with. He really gave me an honest opinion about my work and that is always great to hear as an artist. He was very professional and punctual with the project we were working on. I highly recommend working with him and I will definitely be going back!”​

Jared D. // ItsErnie


about us

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Studio 222 Recording is owned and operated by Brandon McLeod.

The studio is located in Livonia, MI.​

Brandon is a graduate of Schoolcraft College's Sound Recording Tech program and a current music student at the University of Michigan. While focusing attention on audio production, Brandon is also efficient in several different instruments having played guitar for 16 years, piano for 4 years, and other miscellaneous instruments.

 Before finishing his associates degree program, Brandon began as an intern with 89X (CIMX FM) Radio. After climbing the intern ladder, he was then promoted to Promotions Team Leader. After being promoted, Brandon has worked with many highly regarded radio DJs in the metro Detroit area, along with various label reps (Warner Bros, Sony), bands (Breaking Benjamin, Deftones, WALK THE MOON, Bleachers, WCAR) and band tour managers (The Used, Smashing Pumpkins, Joywave) in order to pull off different events for the station (Meet and Greets, Pre-Show performances, etc). Brandon also completed work in photography and social media content creation while working for the station.​

Here at Studio 222 Recording, we help artists take their project(s) beyond great lengths and expectations. We provide a comfortable and relaxed environment to allow creative workflow, which we believe produces the best product.


We have a passion for audio/music! Let us share it with you!





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